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New places and spaces open at Barking Riverside

BRL Infrastructure - Linear Park

This autumn, Barking Riverside welcomes the opening of the Visitor Centre and a new Linear Park, as well as a protected habitat for some furry friends.

Situated in the centre of Barking Riverside’s Northgate neighbourhood, the initial sections of a new Linear Park – which is a public space that will be available for the community to enjoy – are soon to be open. The Linear Park will offer a calm, relaxing environment, and will include a pedestrian route, seating, outdoor furniture, and play equipment, such as balance beams and swings. The Linear Park is being delivered in sections, and residents can expect the first portion of the park to open this autumn. The whole park will be fully opened in summer 2024.

Another new addition to the area is the Barking Riverside Visitor Centre, which aims to be a first stop for those wanting to discover what the area has on offer. From here, visitors can learn how best to explore the wider neighbourhood and surrounding area.

The Visitor Centre is located in one of the ground floor retail spaces underneath the Barking Riverside Overground station. Residents wishing to visit can book an entry time by emailing

There is a new space for local wildlife too. A bespoke ecology habitat, called the Serpentine, is currently under development at Barking Riverside. The Serpentine will provide shelter and ideal living conditions for the local population of water voles, an endangered mammal species that can be found in most bodies of water at Barking Riverside. A team of ecologists have directed the replanting and design of this area to ensure that the Serpentine provides the ideal conditions for water voles to breed.

Although the Serpentine is not publicly accessible as a way of protecting the water vole population, it can be viewed when travelling on the overground train from Barking Riverside station. The Serpentine is located  on the north eastern edge of the neighbourhood, at the junction of Northgate Road and Choats Road.


By Nathan Pearce, BRL
(Barking Riverside Limited)
Autumn 2023 Issue

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