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SENspired’s incredible summer journey: fun every day!

SENspired Summer 2023

Our summer program was a month of pure joy, happening from Monday to Sunday. Each day was bursting with excitement, a typical week looked like this:

  • Monday’s Sensory Storytelling: We travelled to far-off lands through stories that tickled our senses. Pirates, fairies, and talking animals made our imaginations dance!
  • Tuesday’s Dribblers and Scribblers and Holiday Club: We explored the world, learning about different places and performing science experiments. All of this while our ever popular dribblers and scribblers was happening upstairs. 
  • Thursdays were Sensory Play and Messy Play: Our hands became paintbrushes as we got messy and created amazing art. We squished, splattered, and laughed so much!
  • Friday’s Messy Play and Trunks ‘n’ Dunks: We dived into even more creative messiness before ending our Fridays with loads of foam fun. 
  • Saturdays and Sundays were party time! We celebrated birthdays and had surprise fun days. Foam, water, and endless smiles made weekends unforgettable.

All of this took place in our newly acquired garden room. New friendships were born, and old ones got stronger. We laughed, learned, and made memories that will stay with us forever.

As August waved goodbye, we hold onto its amazing memories as more exciting things are in store for all. Think epic birthday parties and pumpkin picking as well as the building blocks for a well asked after nursery.  

We are truly excited for the next step in our journey and hope you are too! Keep up to date by checking out on Instagram or our website.


By Shay Orr, local resident
Autumn 2023 Issue

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