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Wander Wild Forest School secures £10K funding

Wander Wild - Barking food Forest

Encouraging local families to get closer to nature, Wander Wild Forest School has been awarded a significant funding boost of £10,000 from London Borough of Barking and Dagenham (LBBD)’s Neighbourhood Fund (NCIL). Supported by Thames Life, our family-run forest school, situated at the heart of the community, is set to use the grant to continue hosting curated outdoor sessions.

With a passion for community engagement and a love for the great outdoors, Wander Wild Forest School launched to create a space where families can reconnect with nature, develop new skills, and forge friendships. Thanks to the generous grant, these sessions, designed to spark curiosity and foster a love for nature, will be offered to the local community free of charge over the year.

The sessions take place in Barking Food Forest, where families are invited to embrace the outdoors. The fund will not only ensure the continuation of weekly sessions but also facilitate the purchase of exciting new materials and equipment that will elevate the experience for participants and their children. From nature crafts to bug hunting and learning to use tools, Wander Wild Forest School’s offerings promise moments of discovery and bonding.

We are also excited to collaborate with other organisations, further sharing learning and expertise in order to create sessions that will leave a lasting impression on families. Over the summer, Wander Wild partnered with ‘Centre Stage’; a performing arts organisation, bringing to life the wonderful story of “The Hungry Caterpillar.” Further, a partnership with ‘All About Dance’; a dance organisation, provided families with a high-energy session full of music. This Autumn will see the launch of an exciting new series: ‘Earth x Strings.’

Our mission is to make outdoor education accessible to all, to cultivate a sense of wonder, and to strengthen community bonds. This grant enables us to expand our impact, welcoming more families into the fold.

In a massive development where green spaces are limited, with the invaluable support of LBBD’s Neighbourhood Fund and Thames Life, Wander Wild is determined to kindle the spirit of exploration in local families. To stay updated on the sessions and engage with this initiative, follow Wander Wild Forest School on Instagram (@wanderwildforestschool).

As the seasons change, Wander Wild Forest School invites families to embark on a journey where the great outdoors become a place of learning, laughter, and shared experiences.


By Junior & Zainab Omokhe, local residents
Autumn 2023 Issue

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