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Jus Jammin, the story continues

Jus Jammin has been an amazing journey so far! I created this concept as I am a huge fan of live music, hearty food and amazing art so why not bring it all together in one space?! Barking Riverside is such an amazing place that is growing day by day, but it lacks a place where new residents and older residents can connect and enjoy live music together. Jus Jammin has live music performed by The Smiles Collective, hearty African and Caribbean infused food served by local residents, Alana and Nana and residents also get the opportunity to connect with a range of amazing artists to either buy an exclusive piece of art or get a live caricature done by the great Morris Thompson. 


A night where you can let your hair down, dance the night away with a friend or loved one in the beautiful visual aesthetics of The Wilds, Jus Jammin promises to continue to bring the vibes on a monthly basis all with the intention to not only create a wonderful experience for local and not so local residents, but also to use some of the proceeds to deliver plant-based cooking workshops for free in the community via my non-profit organisation Healthy Mind Healthy Grind


Follow Jus Jammin on Instagram to be up to date on future Jus Jammin events, or keep an eye out in your resident WhatsApp groups to also be alerted. 


I look forward to seeing you at the next Jus Jammin!


Much Love!


By Marcel Andrew

Local resident

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