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Reviving the Ripple Nature Reserve

Barking Riverside, our vibrant community, thrives with lively people and bustling activity. But amidst the hustle and bustle, there’s a noticeable absence: wild nature. It’s scarce, and what little remains is often closed off. Yet, as a community, why haven’t we come together to change this? Why not begin with the Ripple Nature Reserve?

The Ripple Nature Reserve, once accessible to us, now sits closed off. It holds promise, with its mounds of trees, abundant land, and diverse animal habitats. I recall visiting it on a school trip. Despite its current state, shrouded and overgrown, I believe we can transform it into a welcoming space for all. Imagine the possibilities: a collaborative project for our entire community, providing a safe space all to explore and play. No longer would they need to travel too far to be in nature.

Moreover, it would open our community’s doors, inviting not just us but also people from the wider London area to share in its beauty. We can reclaim this space, turning it into a breath of fresh air, both literally and metaphorically.

So, why not make it happen? Let’s seize the opportunity to breathe new life into our community. Let’s embrace the chance to create a safe and beautiful haven for all. The Ripple Nature Reserve awaits – let’s open our doors to possibility and usher in a brighter, greener future for Barking Riverside.

N.B. The Friends of the Ripple Nature Reserve resident group have been working with the Council, BRL and Local Grid to develop a plan that will cover the management and maintenance of the Ripple Nature Reserve site.


By Eric Pavlov, local student

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