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Youth call for Performing Arts Centre: building community, fostering talent

The RiverView Performing Arts Centre is an ongoing project to provide the community and Riverside students with a theatre in which they can practise and view a myriad of artistic and expressive productions such as fashion shows held by sixth form students and theatrical performances conducted by drama students, as well as a room that encompasses a variety of artworks and craftsmanship. 

This would be greatly beneficial for the school, especially with the recent Harry Potter and The Cursed Child production that was carried out by our gifted secondary school students. One of the few issues the school faced in casting this magically bewitching performance was the inadequate space available. The stage was too confined to let the students truly express themselves.

In addition to this, for the weeks that the Harry Potter performance was in action, there were no assemblies since the stage was taken up, this meant that students were not kept up to date with announcements within the school community. If the performing arts centre were to be built, problems like these could be avoided in the future and allow our budding community to blossom, attracting people all around Barking and beyond to watch performances run by the students themselves.

Another significant reason for advocating for this project to come to life, is that to see the closest theatre production, you have to travel all the way to The Broadway Theatre for local performances, which takes 30 minutes to travel by bus and about 20 minutes by bus and train. It would take double the time to go to London’s West End for a national/international production!

If Barking Riverside had its own performing arts centre, residents would have a much more accessible option into the world of theatre and the arts right at their doorstep. Riverside deserves its very own performing arts centre. Let’s all help raise awareness to create a new centre for our community!


By Stephney D’Anjou

Local student

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