Barking Riverside, Scrattons Farm and Thames View

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Renew that stroll along the river

It’s no secret…this is the way to go if you fancy a stroll along the riverfront at Barking Riverside. Dozens of local people turned up at Public Footpath along the shoreline, to do a bit of birdwatching at the wildlife haven, as part of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) national Birdwatch […]

Council tax vs service charge

Many residents when moving to a managed or serviced neighbourhood sometimes get confused or unclear about the purpose of paying service charge on top of council tax. Put simply, council tax is a form of local taxation in the UK, serving as essential source of revenue for local authorities to fund public services and infrastructure. […]

Riverside ecology hunt

The Resident Events Panel hosted its most recent family friendly event, the “Riverside Ecology Hunt”. Now a well-established resident-led group creating popular events in the Barking Riverside calendar, the Resident Events Panel (REP) have organised a variety of community activities to date funded by Barking Riverside Limited including the “Wilds Fiesta” and the much-loved Barking Summer […]

A performing arts centre is on the horizon!

The Riverside School has embarked on an ambitious feat: to deliver a £6 million performing arts centre right in the heart of the Barking Riverside estate. To be based near the Riverside Campus, the Riverview Performing Arts Centre – as it is being called for now – is a project aimed at building a professional […]

Faith interchange

During escalating tensions and complex situations in many parts of the world having an interfaith dialogue has never been more pressing. The need to foster understanding, cooperation, and empathy among diverse religious communities becomes ever more important. Interfaith dialogue offers hope, an opportunity towards removing barriers, and a platform for meaningful discourse amidst turbulent times. […]

Wander Wild accepted onto competitive accelerator programme

Locally led social business Wander Wild Forest School was recently accepted onto the Power Up London accelerator programme; a project funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. The Power Up London accelerator programme provides up to 20 participants with four months of intensive non-financial assistance including mentoring, business support, training, and […]

Riverside School first to pilot Harry Potter production

Broadway Licensing Global (BLG), a global leader in theatrical licensing and distribution, has announced that Riverside School is the first ever school in the UK to produce pilot productions of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child School Edition. The school will have the opportunity to host the first-ever production of the School Edition in March […]